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What is Plasma Touch
Cold jet

Plasma Touch is a smart technology in the esthetic and cosmetic industry, the device generates high-frequency volts, using a smart head that electrolysis atmospheric components (oxygen) to generate ozone and plasma waves, that can easily and deeply penetrate the skin layers, stimulating collagen production enhancing skin texture, while keeping the surface smooth and glowing.

Plasma Touch application:

Tightening skin
Reduce rosacea
Smooth fine lines
Reduce sagging skin
Eliminates skin aging
Reduce acne breakouts
Even skin tone & shrink pores
Hygiene your skin surface from harmful bacteria
Trigger & stimulates collagen & elastin production


Device must be used under dry skin condition ONLY, no liquid should be added to the treatment head, or to the skin area treated during treatment.


1- do not use the device without the ozone generating head on
2- do not use on open wound skin
3- do not use on wet skin or mucus membrane
4- do not use on pregnant woman
5- do not use on person with implemented metal in their body
6- do not use on person with skin infections or skin disorder
7- do not use when device is charging or plugged to electricity

Post treatment:
Avoid exposure to direct sun light
Redness might appear and will disappear in few hours
Can resume your skin care routine right after the session

Who can use plasma touch?

Plasma touch is good and can be used on all skin types

How often can use plasma touch?
Plasma touch can be done every 5-7 days

the device has one-year full warranty include spare parts at no cost, and 10 years maintenance (after one year, client pays only for spare part if needed, repair and labor will be at no cost, exclude shipping fees)
in case of malfunction please do not open the device (this will void the warranty) and contact the supplier.

NOTE : This is not a fibroblast device or intended for fibroblast usage.






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