Meso Touch Plus Kit

Meso Touch Plus kit 
Microderma Pen 
10 Mirco tips Cartridges 
11 DermaSerums (Collagen, Azalea (anti acne), Hyaluronic acid, Vital C, Hair growth, Lip serum, Apple stem cell, Gold anti wrinkle, Retinol)
10 Nano 5D tips
5 Mask sheets 

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Meso Touch plus kit will help you to start offering new treatments, that are getting more famous due to its accurate and visible results in short time. value for money, meso touch treatments has minimal cost with high revenue.
The kit will help you to reduce your treatment cost and make money back in less that month.
You will benefit from the set of 9 Dermaserums that will come with the kit, each serum has its own unique use and act on the skin.


The benefits of Photon Micro-Needle Therapy:

Affordable for both client and practitioner – no expensive high-tech equipment to buy

  • Can be used at home or done by a professional
  • Can be used on face, neck, body, scalp, etc.
  • Does not thin out the skin
  • No infection, discoloration or permanent damage to the skin
  • Increased penetration of skin care products
  • No downtime with easy recovery
  • Massage your skin layers
  • Rejuvenate your skin





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Silver, Black, Gold, Rose Gold