About Us

MerryLaz Aesthetics USA

is a leading company in supplying the most advanced and promising technology aesthetic equipments for professional spas and aesthetic centers who are looking for safe professional long term cooperation, peace of mind and encouraging feedback.

Beauty through technology

Aesthetic & Rejuvenation treatments are one of the fastest growing segments of modern medical and aesthetic care being an integral part of the powerful trend focusing on enhancing the quality of life of the aging population. Many physicians and Aestheticians now understand that helping their patients look good and feel good is a powerful tool to make them overall healthier and stronger. Our corporate mission is based on customer driven service at all levels. Providing the top quality products is our persistent goal, using the latest technology in the aesthetic industry.

service makes the difference

With the development of the Aesthetic market, more and more customers want their special requests to be satisfied. We dedicate our focus and service to supply the best service available for our customers, holding all their concerns in mind.

As a customer of Merrylaz Aesthetics USA, you join a unique and highly diverse Aesthetic equipments supplier, for the latest technology that have been in continuous operation in North America, Asia, Europe and Russia.

We believe each device is of the up most importance, and requires the very best care in the world to meet your service needs. Moreover we have formed our special advantages on products for us to be the pleasant reliable supplier.

We put our industry­leading research and development efforts behind the perfection of the procedure. Merrylaz Aesthetics USA equipments are clinically proven to produce results in removing spider veins, skin tags, cherry angiomas, milias etc…, tightening the skin, removing pigments etc …

Light your beauty, brighten your life

Enhancing beauty through science, by using the latest technology in lightening your beauty will brighten your life, forging ahead solidarity, adhering ideal credibility, offering special service, together we make success. We warmly welcome the long fruitful cooperation with you.