Meso Smart Cartridges

Insulated Tips
For use with Meso Touch Smart ONLY

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Meso Smart Insulated Cartridges:  For Use With MESOTOUCH SMART Device ONLY 

The Meso Smart insulated cartridges are stainless steel coated with gold for better conductivity and then double coated with silicone insulation layers along the length of the probe starting at the taper point and down except for the 300 micrometers at the tip restricting the energy heat to be delivered only at the tip. This ensures the heat delivery to the target depth and point without harming or damaging the epidermis layer, due to excess heat.

Types of cartridges can use with the Meso Touch Smart device

1- 64P cartridges for body area ( large area)
2- 25P cartridge for face & neck ( small Area)
3- 10P cartridge for linear scars & deep wrinkles lines
4-  Nano for large & small area, use for rejuvenation with 0.25mm max penetration

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64 P, 25 P, 10 P, Nano