Meso Touch Smart

RF Mirco Channeling
Cold Compressing Hammer

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Meso Touch Smart RF Nano & Micro channeling is a cosmetic procedure. It uses very tiny pins and RF waves combined to rejuvenate facial skin. This procedure stimulates the growth of healthy new skin by triggering the production on collagen and elastin, which can benefit common skin issues like acne scars, skin sagging, stretch marks and wrinkles.
This promising technology ensure the stimulation of collagen and elastin in skin tissue, by delivering heat through skin layers  leading to significant improvement in skin texture.

Cold compress hammer
The cold hammer function is designed for cooling down the skin, it reaches as low to -5 degree Celsius thus will help reduce redness, calm and comfort skin.

Meso Touch Smart can be performed of Face and body.

1- Anti aging
2- Skin tightening
3- Skin rejuvenation
4- Reduce Acne scars
5-Glowing and Nourishing
6-Promote Blood circulation
7-Repair damaged skin tissue
8-Reduce Fine lines & firm saggy skin
9-Reduce deep wrinkles & surgery scars
10- Reduce the appearance of stretch marks

What skin types can apply Meso Touch Smart on
Meso Touch Smart works on all skin types with adjusting the setting parameters according to skin type.

The new technology of this device uses auto setting parameters to ensure right performance to deliver the accurate results, by combining vacuum with auto stamping.

Great Return on investment make your money back from 1st 10 treatments only,