Perfect Touch Plus

  1. NEW updated Model with air flow & cold hammer 
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The newer Version of the Perfect Touch
Unique versatile NON-INVASIVE aesthetic device its based on High frequency ultrasonic technology.
with updated Air flow and cold Hammer

NON Laser
NON Invasive
Fast, effective and simple
compact easy to use
No bleeding no scarring
Immediate results in 3-5 seconds

How it works:
The Perfect touch is an easy to use, compact device with a high frequency electrical current that delivers precise electrical sparks through micro electric probe. It is an electrical treatment device, not an operating tool or surgical device.

What skin types can perfect touch work on?
Perfect touch works on all skin type, males and females

Does perfect touch treatment hurt?
There is minimal discomfort and it’s recommended to apply topical anesthesia 20 minutes prior to treatment. with the updated air flow clients will get a comfort sensation, and pleasant treatment.

How long does it take the skin to heal?
Healing time is short, from day to few weeks,

How many treatments so I need with perfect touch?
Results of most cosmetic treatments with perfect touch are instantaneous, and immediate. Most will be gone from the first treatment, if the flaw is not gone to your satisfaction then you may receive another treatment after 4-6 weeks.

Immediate, Permanent Results • No Bleeding • superficially dries and dehydrates the Skin at the Epidermal Level • Low Coast • Excellent Results • One Time Treatment • Portable and Convenient • Fast, Reliable and Meets All Customer Expectations.

Cold Compress Hammer Benefits 
with this added option to the new model, esthetician can use this technology prior to the treatment  cold hammer will help to numb the skin or treated area, and use after treatment to minimize any pain sensation, redness and discomforting.