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10X Absorption Technology

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The Bio-Organic mask is the new revolution in beauty cosmetics due to its high and rich components of pure natural collagen, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), vitamins, essential oils and antioxidants that are all derived from natural fruits and plants. It is electronically charged to hydrate the skin where it locks in the water preventing the skin from losing moisture and protecting it from sun damage. The natural collagen and HA eliminates wrinkles and removes fine lines due to the high growth cell factors in HA. The antioxidants work in the detoxification of the skin cells and the removal of toxins that cause cell damage and skin stress. The vitamins, essential oils and grape seed oil work in firming, nourishing, whitening, cleansing, improving yellowish and pale faces, strengthening the resistance of skin cells against damage factors, repair damaged skin cells and promotes blood circulation. Components Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), grape seed oil, vitamins, essential fruit oils, caffeine, mountain lilly, rose oil, aloe vera and purified aqua.


Place the Bio-Organic mask over the area desired to be treated. Keep for 20 to 30 minutes and then remove. Do not rinse the face immediately but let the mask’s residuals stay on the face for a while for even better absorption and moisturization. For a successful process, use the mask application 3 times per one period of treatment. 10 X absorption technology (dissolves upon encountering heat + one way absorption) The Bio-Organic Mask gradually dissolves under body temperature and penetrates quickly into the skin providing it with the nutrients and moisture needed. The thickness of the mask will be reduced due to the absorption of its components. The skin absorbs 97% of the Bio- Organic Mask’s components compared to 5% absorption rate of other facial creams and lotions, due to the genuine technology of the Mask sheet. Aesthetics USA

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